Melissa (wand3rlust) wrote,

Joey Cheek

Alright, it's official Joey Cheek is the most adorable speed skater! It's a complete fluke that I even saw his race where he qualified for finals, and that smile just hooked me right in. He didn't realize his time was 1st place, but when he did, just look at this smile!

Then he went on to win gold in the 500m Men's long track and I just watched a video where it was stated that he is going to donate his $25,000 bonus from the U.S. Olympic Committee to the Right to Play Organization saying, "I can either take the time and just gush about how wonderful I feel, or I can use it for something productive." The organization is (according to Bob Costas's commentary) sort of an athlete's "Peace Corp" where athletes travel around the world visiting disadvantaged kids & teaching them life skills, giving them hope etc.

Curtosey NBC: Watch a highlight video of his races this past week.

He's going to Africa after the Olympics are over. A man after my own heart.

There's nothing sexier than a heart of gold, but that infectious smile doesn't hurt. Not to mention, he's just adorable in the quirky charming sort of way. :P
Tags: celeb squee, olympics, tv
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