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Olympic Spirit

I got home late, so I've been watching the repeat of the men's short track (speed skating) relay. This year speed skating has been my favorite event, followed closely by skiing, but I'll always have a soft spot for figure skating. Have I mentioned how much I <3 the Olympics? They always make me wish I was more athletic these days. I had dreams of being an Olympic Swimmer when I 14 but as you can see, that didn't happen. Like many things I let my frustration get the best of me. I'm a very competitive person and when I don't win I beat up on myself to the point that I just truly believe I'm not good enough. But alas... life goes on. And I'm a firm believer that my life is going in the direction it's supposed to be going, that my journey down my life path is where it should be this day. Anyway like I said, I love the Olympics and have since I was a little girl. I actually remember one year I got in trouble for something and my punishment was that I couldn't watch the Olympics. I could watch other tv but not the Olympics. I was so upset. I pleaded, "This doesn't happen every year!" In the final days my parents let up and let me watch the last couple days. :)

On another note, much like the Superbowl, I tend to keep an eye on commercials during the Olympics because they tend to have an inspirational type quality to them, and I'm a sap for those commercials. I have 2 favorites this year: First up is Visa's "Life Takes..." commercial. They even have an amusing site set up ( to show some of their other "Life Takes..." moments. And my other favorite is Exxon Mobil's "Dreams" commercial. * (I just sat here for an HOUR searching online and waiting for the commercial to air, because I can't remember what company it is, and of course it didn't air and I can't find it.) It's the commercial where it shows a little girl twirling and then shows a figure skater, and a little boy walking backwards and shows a hockey player, and a little girl crouching down in dad's big shoes with a cut to a ski jumper, and the little girl "skating" around in leaves and in in the house with a cut to a speed skater. Anyone know which one I'm talking about? I really like that one a lot. Another one I like, but isn't really a favorite is Home Depot's "Super Hero" Commercial, it's just cute.

I'm picky with "funny" commercials, but I gotta admit I think the Bud Light "Magic Fridge" commercial is pretty damn funny (though technically it's a Super Bowl commercial), and the Olympics theme horn honking commercial is slightly amusing, while the Coke commercials are just stupid. :/ And I hate that stupid Gillette Fusion commercial, next thing we know we'll have a 10 blade razor so you can just shave your whole face off. *eye roll*

I haven't watched Lost yet. I'll probably get to it tomorrow or Friday... who knows.

Sorry if I'm annoying everyone with the Olympics posts, but sadly for you there's still plenty more to come. I have some major gushing to do over those lovely speed skating men, not to mention the ever graceful figure skating (with the most screwed up scoring system I've ever seen) has some oohing/awwing to come. Except for Johnny Weir - his arrogance annoys the hell out of me, even if he can skate.

*Edited: Found the Exxon Commercial.
Tags: commercials, olympics, tv
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