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Well, THAT was an interesting episode of LOST! It came out of left field but I liked it. Oh, and I was wrong about Charlie indiecowboy was right. His interestingness just increased ten-fold. Seems they're setting up a pretty good story for him.

I am a bit baffled though because, while I try to stay as spoiler free as possible, I had read that this flashback was supposed to be an episode about why Sawyer doesn't trust women. Only, it was just another con. What gives? What does that mean? Did he love Cassidy for real? He told Kate in "I never" that he'd never been in love. Was he conning Kate even then? Why DOES he want everyone on the island to hate him so bad?

I have about 100 more questions like that, but I'll refrain. And wow, I'll say it again, I was totally wrong about Charlie. Is it bad that I dig "evil" Charlie 10,000 times more than goody Charlie? I can't believe he did that to Sun!! And Sawyer planned the whole thing? WHY??? There's got to be more to it than just "I'm not a good person, I've never done anything good in my life." (Oh ok, now I understand. I just read and interview where Josh explained that Sawyer's focus is revenge [against the Others]. But he's at the mercy of Jack and Locke's decision-making, and that's not a place he likes to be.. That makes perfect sense. duh) And why on earth would Charlie agree to attacking Sun? I mean, I know he wanted Locke to look like a fool, but really now, attacking Sun? And if Jin finds out Sawyer and Charlie planned talk about feeling betrayed, they'll be some gun slinging then if he finds out! Loving, loving, loving this Charlie-twist. And then there's Jack. Boy, I dunno what's with him lately, but he's been irritating the living crap out of me. The man is unstable. Locke was right about the guns, or did Jack forget why they locked them up in the first place?

But best of all was Sawyer. Maybe I'm a gluten for punishment, but mean, demanding, selfish Sawyer is all kinds of hotness. More please. Heh, and here I was thinking Kate was the one playing Sawyer with the whole Jack/Ana/Locke thing.

And Hurley giving Sayid something to take his mind of Shannon. So lovely for me, 'cause I've been missing the Sayid like mad for weeks now, and sadly he's not been playing a big role at all this season. So it's nice to see he's getting back in his game next week, though I'm sad to see it's him going back to torturing. :/ Is next week a Sayid flashback episode?
P.S. Where did Eko run off to?

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