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Serenity & Fever Pitch

I didn't go out to the movies last so I rented movies instead since I had 2 free cupons to use anyway. I rented Fever Pitch and Serenity. (It was finally in!) I watched Fever Pitch last night since I was in the mood for something light. I liked it a lot more than I thought I was going to. Every time I see Drew Barrymore I'm reminded at how much I really like her, she just seems like such a fun and normal person. Jimmy Fallon was adorable, and surprisingly this was a "normal" movie for the Farlley brothers. I mean, I've liked a bunch of their other flicks, but this one didn't seem so odd ball which was kinda nice for a change. Overall a suprisingly adorable romantic comedy in that cute "50 First Dates" kind of way. :) Plus it made me think that the kind of guy I need in my life is a funny one. :D

My dad and I watched Serenity today. I really liked it, but I've never watched any of the Firefly episodes so I'm sure there are a few details I missed out on. It had an interesting storyline, and now I wish I knew more about the characters, but then again I usually dispise seaquels, so I guess that just leaves watching the limited TV episodes. Makes me wish there were more good quality Sci-Fi shows and movies out there. Does anyone have any good reccommendations for Sci-Fi movies or TV DVD rentals, or even anime?

Not much else is new, I applied for a job at UPS and also applied for some online classes, so we'll see how that turns out.

Guess that's it for now. :)
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