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Slow Day

After all the fire drama from last week and one of our maintanance men retiring Tuesday it's nice to have a slow and quite day at work, especially on a Friday. We had a retirement party for Harry last night and a bunch of the members who live here came up to give their thanks to him, and even had a few old members come back, so the turn out was really good. Harry is 86 years old and he's been working at this prorerty for almost 25 years and has lived here for about 30, so everyone knows him. He's quite the busy body, and even tried to retire once before until he drove his wife nuts with always wanting to do something, so he came to work for us part time. He's still always on the go, and on his days off I swear I would see him walking his dog at least 3 times a day if not more. I hope I'm that active when I'm his age.

I think I'll pop by the movies tonight after work. I'm thinking maybe I'll see "Syriana" or "Capote" to get caught up on the Award Season movies that've been raved about, but I dunno, I'm kind of in the mood for some light-hearted fluff or f/x so maybe I'll go see "Something New" or "Annapolis." We'll see. Anyone have any reccomendations?

I saw "Memoirs of a Geisha" Wednesday and really liked it. I think I'll write a review about it soon, so I'm not going to go into any detail.

I'm sure you've notice I've been playing around a bit with the layout and theme of the journal, I just can't get quite satisfied on what I want. I think I need to go home later tonight and make a graphic layout scheme for it and then I'll have a better idea on the colors I want. Bare with me if you come and it's changed 3 more times by the time you come back. :)
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