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Loathing Fandomness

I don't know what's wrong with me today, or even the past months, but I just can't seem to get back into full fledge fandomness. I keep trying and trying to vid, but after a few minutes of not feeling creative enough I give up and move over to something else or try switching to another vid. None of it is producing anything remotely worthy of publishing, and frankly I'm just not caring so much anymore. I just got done this past week working on some fan art, and now I feel like I pretty much wasted a few good hours of my time 'cause it looks ok, but not really good compared to some of the really great digital artists out there.

And then there are the really creative artists who make awesome fan art, and fan vids, and run 1001 websites. Where do they find the time? I can't even get the 3 I have looking decent let alone even think of getting all the content up. Maybe I just don't know what I'm doing in order to manage my time better. Hell my travelogue site still looks like crap and has zip for content. My photography has taken a back seat at my half-asseed attempt at fandomness, and that's just disappointing. I think it's about time I closed down my fan vid site. I've only added 1 new video in well over 6 months, and the likelihood of me adding another soon is looking small since I can't seem to finish a vid to save my soul and I have real life projects that are taking priority over online sites.

My only problem is, no matter how hard I try I just know that once in a blue moon I do get that burst of fandom creativity and like to share it. Maybe I should do like others and just use my LJ here to share everything, but that'd take effort and time to move everything over and upload vids to a free host. And we all know how outright lazy I am. :/ hmmmmmm

I could really use some advice from my fellow vidders on this one, or actually advice from anyone would be most welcome.
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