Melissa (wand3rlust) wrote,

Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don't Come Back!)

It's official. Charlie is the most useless boring character on LOST.

From the moment I remember hearing about J.J. Abrahms promise never to kill off Charlie I thought perhaps that meant they'd be writing a meaty role for our favorite hobbit. heh I couldn't have been more wrong. Seems it's an excuse for the writing team to take a lazy day.

As it stands Charlie should by rights be the likely canidate for being moster meat becuase his character brings nothing to show, and wouldn't be a huge loss to anyone on the island as of late. His flashbacks are always about how he's not accepted or good enough for anyone. boo-f*ing-hoo cry me a river. Hell his brother is more fascinating than he is! I think I'd actually prefer Charlie to start using again because at least the baby-momma drama would be realistic. Right now Charlie is making a mountain out of a mole hill. If he'd stop lying to Claire and, you know, stealing her baby he might actually redeem himself to her.

Fire + Water Mini Thoughts:
I <3 Eko. (as usual)
Hurley + Libby = awwwww (Libby rocks my socks! That top was hot.)
It's the return of creepy Locke. Or is it? hmmm P.S. Thank you for trying to knock some sense into Charlie

WTF? Moment
Anna + Jack "Are you hittin' that?" ROFL -- Next week on LOST: Anna seduced Kate. Jack gets jealous and takes it out on Sawyer.
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