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I haven't been sleeping very much. Last week I only slept like 4 hours each night, then Friday I decided it'd be a good idea to stay up all night, then I crashed about noon Saturday for 3 hours, did the same thing Saturday night and crashed Sunday for about 4 hours in the afternoon, and then I had Monday off so I did it again! Now it's 5:00am (Tuesday) and I haven't been to bed, and I won't get to 'cause I have to work today, and even worse I go to the gym after work, so I'll be dragging ass all day. And what's worse is I know that I still won't crash until like 1:00-2:00am, which will give me approximately 5 hours until I have to get up at 6:30am. It's a vicious cycle. I've always been a night person, but I've never been this bad. I used to make myself go to bed between 11:00 & midnight so I could get at least 6-7 hours sleep. But now, I keep telling myself, oh 30 more minutes and continue to work on some project, clean my room, watch a movie, etc etc. I really need to get back into a normal sleeping pattern...

Anyway, since I'm not sleeping and I have some time to kill until I have to "get up" thought I'd ramble a bit about the usual. Tv & movies.

I have another new favorite show. How I Met Your Mother (link) I Thought it was kinda goofy at first since I normally go for the action/drama shows. But it has grown on me so much! It's funny and adorable all at once. The guy who plays Ted just makes me melty, I want my own Ted! :( And his group of friends give such character to the show. Whoever thought "Doogie Howser" (Neil Patrick Harris) would end up being one of the funniest men on TV? IMO anyway. He's right up there w/ Charlie Sheen in Two & A Half Men. (Which BTW is hilarious!)

I used the DVR to record "The Thin Red Line" on Sunday and watched it this morning. (I'd never seen it) It was interesting, emotional, beautifully photographed, but confusing and long. I know it's based off a book, and it felt like it. It felt like I was flipping/skimming the pages of a book and reading a random section, thought, description, but not really getting the full effect of the story. Makes me really want to read the book now though. Perhaps I will and then I'll get a better understanding of the movie.

The Military Channel had a marathon (only 3 episodes so far) of this awesome training series called: Navy BUD/s 234 this weekend and it was fascinating. BUD/s = Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL. Hopefully the next set of episodes (I believe there are 6 total) will air soon, 'cause they just started "Hell Week" and I wanna see how it goes for them. I've never been a reality tv watcher, but this is more like a documentary on these guys training to become SEALS and as I said before very fascinating.

LOST meh. Was ok. Jack is acting like an ass, and a sissy girl to boot. Everything was pretty blah this past week. I mean did anyone actually think the female lead was gonna die? Can't wait for Hurley/Libby though. Will be cute, might even make me sick with cuteness. hehe I hate to say this... but I think Charlie is my least favorite character on the show. His episode is this week, and his episodes normally just bore me. All it's ever about is him not feeling accepted. And I actually kinda sorta like that Claire is pissy w/ Charlie (hides from shippers) It gives Claire some backbone that's been much needed. It's a shame the females are really taking a back-burner this year. But guess you can't write for everyone with such a large cast this year.

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