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5 Weird Habits

Saw this over at:

Thought it'd be fun to know other people's quirks, so flist please feel free to participate. :)

Five Weird Habits

1. I count stairs when I walk up them. I have no idea why, I guess it's nice to know that when I walk in the front door and it's pitch black I know I have 5 stairs until I'm at the top. This actually came in more handy at our old place where I had 12 stairs to my room. :)

2. I lock the back door every time I close it even thogh 90% of the time I have to open it again to let the dogs in. I think it's because I think I'd forget to lock it when I leave the house.

3. On my old car (that I just got rid of) I used to hit the lock button 3 times before I closed the door. That sounds so OCD LOL, but really it's because like 75% of the time the driver's side door wouldn't lock on the first push, so I just got used to pushing it more than once, but now the habit is stuck with me and I do it in other cars as well.

4. I hate that gooey crap that forms around the top of chocolate syrup bottles, ketchup bottles, and mustard, so I always swipe my finger across the top before putting it back in the fridge.

5. When I'm at the bookstore I love to smell the pages of new books.
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