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MIA: Josh Hartnett

So... I had the day off yesterday. Mom had a board meeting, dad had class and brother wasn't home. I have no car. What's a girl to do? Watch movies all day of course!

So I started off with "Sin City." Yes, I'm one of the lameos who hadn't seen it yet. So, I knew a bunch of big names were in it, but here's my reaction to the opening sequence: Hey that guys voice sounds familiar. Wow that chick's dress is gorgeous! (That chick BTW is Marley Shelton) Oh, wow it's Josh Hartnett, I thought he fell off the face of the earth. Wow cool effects with the kiss. Damn he just shot her. Who is this guy? And then, we never find out... WTF? But nevertheless I really really enjoyed the movie, and the casting was excellent.

Anyway, after seeing Josh it reminded me that I just bought a 3 pack of movies (Finding Neverland, 50 first Dates, Wicker Park) for cheap at Blockbuster right before x-mas (one of which he was in - "Wicker Park") and decided to see if it was any good. It was pretty decent, very "Shakespeare" and a little bit psycho, and I didn't realize it had the girl from National Treasure in it. I liked it for it's simplicity. And then it got me thinking...

WTH *did* happen to Josh Hartnett? It's like Orlando Bloom and Hayden Christensen (as adorable as they can be) shoved all the up-and-coming guys right out of the lime light, and personally I prefer Josh's subtle acting to Orlando's showy or Hayden's angsty any day. *hides from fangirls* Don't get me wrong, I think Orlando and Hayden have potential, but I also think they still have a lot to work on, while I think Josh was right there in his game. Either that or he just picked his roles to suit his acting style better. Then, he makes one wrong choice w/ that Harrison Ford movie and he falls off the planet. How's that fair? Anway, just hoping he makes a comeback, 'cause I think he could be really good, but then again that could just be my hormones talking. ;)

Then of course I just had to make it a three-for-all and finished off the night with a healthy dose of "Black Hawk Down" with enough drool-worthy men to satisfy anyones craving. Not to mention I've been on this military-boy kick since reading "Jarhead" and getting addicted to Discovery's Military Channel much like my History & Travel Channel addictions.

P.S. note to self: make more icons!
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