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A Great day for Women!

Today is symbolic day for women! Liberia (in Africa) has just elected the first female head of state, and she was sworn in this Monday. (see news article here)

And in Santiago, Chile they have elected their first female president. (see news article here)

I think it's amazing that these women are taking on such important roles, and that their citizens believe in them enough to trust their leadership. Now, if only we can get that kind of open mindedness here in the states. And... this may sound hypocritical, but I hope that if Hilary does run in 2008 that another woman will run against her, because while I'd love to see a women in office I just dont' think Hllary is the right woman for the job, but that's just my personal opinion.

Anyway, not to spoil the moment, yay for women! And happy MLK day. I think he would be proud. :)
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