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BSG - Kara/Lee - Pierian Spring (a FicMix for Kag523!)

Mixer: wand3rlust 
 Scifi's Battlestar Galactica
Subject: Kara/Lee ficmix
Title: Pierian Spring
Tracks: 13
Length: 56 mins.
Summary: A fic mix for Kag's epic fic Pierian Spring

01. The Mystic's Dream - Loreena McKennitt
 A clouded dream on an earthly night / Hangs upon the crescent moon / A voiceless song in an ageless light / Sings at the coming dawn / Birds in flight are calling there / Where the heart moves the stones / It's there that my heart is calling / All for the love of you

02. Far Far - Yael Naïm
 Far far, there's this little girl / she was praying for something good to happen to her / from time to time there are colors and shapes / dazzling her eyes, tickling her hands / they invent her a new world with oil skies and aquarelle rivers

03. Dark Waltz - Hayley Westenra
 Time dances whirling past / I gaze through the looking glass / And feel just beyond my grasp is heaven  / Sacred geometry / Where movement is poetry / Visions of you and me forever

04. Gravity - Vienna Teng
♫  Hey love / Is that the name you're meant to have / For me to call / Look love / They've given up believing / They've turned aside our stories of the gentle fall

05. Moon - Sia
 I watch you spin from afar / I drink you in and breath you out / I'm camouflaged by the timeline / I'm camouflaged when the sun shines

06. Foweles In The Frith - Mediaeval Baebes
 Foweles in the frith / The fisses in the flod  / And I mon waxe wod  / Mulch sorwe / I walke with  / For best of bon and blod  (Translation: The birds are in the wood The fish are in the river And I must be going mad For I walk hand in hand with extreme misery And all because of the most perfect creature alive)

07. The Cruel War - Bethany Yarrow
 I'll tie back my hair, men's clothing I'll put on, / I'll pass as your comrade, as we march along. / I'll pass as your comrade, no one will ever know. / Won't you let me go with you? / No, my love, no. 

08. Waking Dream - Natalie Walker
♫ Pinch me Is this real / This feeling of release / I’m floating in your heaven / In the corners of my dreams
09. Cold Cold Water - Mirah
♫ I saddled up my pony right / And rode into the ghostly night / It was wide, wide open, / wide, wide open / I left the only home I knew / I stayed alive and I found you / Now I take you where the water's deep / And make the air you breathe so sweet
10. Between - Vienna Teng
♫ we are not together here / though we lie entwined / to make room for the other presence / we both draw back in our minds / I have a prophecy / threatening to spill into words / this growing certainty 
11. Possession (Piano Version) - Sarah McLachlan
♫ Listen as the wind blows  From across the great divide  Voices trapped in yearning / Memories trapped in time / The night is my companion / And solitude my guide / Would I spend forever here / And not be satisfied
12. Wildflower - Sheryl Crow
♫ I was free / Until I heard the song you sang me to me / Pulling me away from everything I knew / To be with you / And everything I know just fades away / And every time you go it hurts me so / I don't know why when I know we're free / Free to fly
13. Nara - E.S. Posthumus'
♫ Instrumental

(Stream (56 mins) & download tracks

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