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Today I am doing NOTHING at work. I don't even care. I have been SO freakin' busy the past 2 months that I'm going to just do absolutely nothing work related and not even feel bad about it. :) I'm going to read some ficlets, catch up at Lee Adama Daily, Kara Thrace Lives and No-Takebaks.

I'm also going to write up a big, huge, long post later about Game of Thrones, Fringe, Doctor Who, Being Human, my excitement for BSG to be airing on BBC America and my most recent life-taking-over TV obsession - Supernatural -- more specifically my adoration for one specific flawless character. And for good measure just expect some long-winded ranting on the major major flaws of each of these shows that are destroying my faith in ANY tv show creator/writer ever.

But for now, I'll just share some pretty things I've made for Tumblr. Oh, did I mention I recently got a student edition of the Adobe Creative Suite? That just basically means I now have Photoshop, Premier, After Effects, etc. Which I'm excited about, because I've always used a knock-off graphics and video editor. I've been poking my way around Photoshop as of the last couple weeks and I will be starting working on vids in Premier possibly as early as this weekend. Anyway... onto the pretty pictures and enough with the rambling.

Tags: being human, bsg, doctor who, fan art, fringe, game of thrones, life, ramblings, supernatural, tv
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