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Merry Ho Ho and a Happy New Year. Or something like that.

No plans for New Years Eve as of yet, but I suppose I don't mind having a few days of some down time - except for the part where I'd really love to have a decent kiss (if not more) this year. 23 years and I *still* can't figure out men, not even a little bit. I act interested and get ignored, I move on and suddenly I'm worth talking to.  A really awesome guy asks for my number and then never calls. I start liking another guy, but can't tell if he likes me because he's a big flirt and I'm too chicken to ask. Fuck! Now I remember why I stopped dating for almost 2 years.

Anyway... moving on. Work is going well and I love living on my own right now. I haven't seen any new movies in theaters, but I did rent and finally watch V for Vendetta and Tristan & Isolde - both I liked quite a lot. I haven't really been keeping up with TV either but re-runs have been on a lot so I don't really care. I am really liking Primetime's series Basic Instincts though when I get the chance to watch it. The '6 Degrees of Seperation' was a really fascinating one to watch.

Not much else is going on though, but I can't complain - I'm happy, healthy, living on my own & have a job I like - and it's a nice way to start off the new year!
Tags: holidays, life, movies, work
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