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Thanks charmax for your kind words and support on my last entry. And to everyone who reads this journal I'm sorry for my seemingly bipolar-ness. LOL It probably seems that way, hell maybe I am bipolar... but really I think it's just that I tend to wait for extremes to post anything here. I was having a particularly stressful day Friday, and I have a bad habit of letting myself get stressed out and frustrated by the smallest of things until it just becomes this ordeal in my head. I tend to have this perfectionist attitude towards myself and if I'm not doing as good as I think I should be then I take it out on myself. I'm trying to teach myself not only time management, but also "creative" management since I always seem to think that I should be at a pro level right now. I do it all the time with photography, writing, drawing, etc. It's just a bad habit I really need to break because it really makes me more stressed out than I should be. So yeah, sorry about the drama. If I do it again anytime soon please feel free to bitch slap me and tell me to snap the hell out of it, because my self-loathing is even getting on my nerves...

Oh, and just to add to the fun of my Friday, about 30 minutes after I wrote my post a unit caught on fire at the townhouse complex I worked at. Luckily everyone got out ok, and only damage was done to 1 unit. There must've been 6 fire trucks out there, I guess in case it spread to other units in the building, but it didn't. I've never been that close to a fire... I couldn't believe how much smoke there was. It was just crazy. I took the weekend to relax and that really helped.

So, guess that's all the drama for now. I'll try to remind myself to take a chill pill before posting anymore overly-dramatic posts. Later.
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